A Chinese Portrait



There’s something called a Chinese portrait. It’s something like a poetic description of yourself where you compare yourself with different things.

What would you be if you were:

  • A metal
  • A rock or mineral
  • A color
  • An activity
  • An artwork
  • A weapon
  • A natural phenomenon
  • A force of nature
  • A mythological creature


  1. Write a Chinese portrait
  2. Explain and justify your choices
  3. Read your portrait to the group or the class

Examples of sentence structures that can be used to explain or justify

Since it reminds me of…

Because it is similar to…

Due to the fact that I feel, think, see, etc.



Reading journal

8 reaktioner till “A Chinese Portrait”

  1. If I were a metal I would be quicksilver.
    If I were a rock I would surely be flint.
    If I were a colour I would be nothing less than black.
    If I were a work of art I would be The Son of Man.
    If a were a weapon I would be a ring dagger. I
    f I were a natural phenomenon I would gladly be haze. And if I were a force of nature I would be a hurricane.


  2. if i were a metal,, i would be gold because am valuable and yearned for.
    if i were a rock, i would be a crystal rock because then i would be mesmerizing to look at
    if i were a color, i would perhaps be a combination of purple and green. i would be the color that epitomizes beauty.
    if i were an activity, i would be an occupation because everyone would be forced to have me.
    if i were an artwork, i would be myself because am part of God’s artistry.
    if i were a weapon, i would be a bladed knife, easy to carry with.
    if i were a natural phenomenon, i would be germination because i germinated from childhood to adulthood.
    if i were a force of nature, i would be lighting because then i would have escorts.
    if i were a mythological creature, i would be a vampire so that i suck blood out of the evil.


  3. Who am I?

    – You’ll find me happy some days, just as you’ll find me sad. I tend to bubble with excitement, yet sometimes wallow in my own thoughts. I am both warm and cold; I am the color purple.

    – You’ll find me laughing in the rain, just as you’ll find me staring at the shifting leaves. I tend to curse the hair that whips into my face, yet secretly adore the reprieve from the heat. I am something in between; I am the season fall.

    – You’ll find me serene when left undisturbed, just as you’ll find me friendly if treated with respect. I tend to keep the atmosphere light, yet clouds find their way overhead from time to time. I am neutral to my surroundings; I am an inland lake.


  4. If I were a weapon
    If I were a weapon I would kill people. It could be innocent folk, criminal’s people or policeman. I personally don´t like to be a weapon because everybody can use me in a wrong way. To use a weapon to kill people is not the best thing in this world. It could be funny if you play a game and kill people in the game but in reality it could be very scary. These days a lot of people use weapon in real life and try to kill somebody or try to start a war.
    If I were a metal I would be very useful and I would help a lot of people for example in the industry. To be a metal can be very helpful for machine and a lot of things that we use on our lives.


  5. If I would be a metal, I would be lead.

    If I would be a stone, I would be quartz.

    If I would be a force of nature, I would be a storm.

    If I would be a work of art, I would be Mona Lisa.

    If I would be a colour, I would be the colour blue.

    If I would be a weapon, I would be the blade of an assassin.

    If I would be a natural phenomenon, I would be the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).


  6. If I was a metal I would be led, because I’m heavy but brittle

    If I were a rock or mineral I would be quartz which is the most common gemstone in the earth’s crust, and I feel like an average guy.

    If I was a color I would be red because I it’s my favorite color but also because I consider myself to be quite passionate

    If I was an activity I would be snowboarding, since I consider myself comparatively god at it and also because I like cold climates

    If I was a piece of art I would be a Picasso because I sometimes feel misunderstood

    If I was a weapon I would be a hammer since I can be quite blunt, but mainly because I worked a lot as a blacksmith and they say that whatever tool you use becomes an extension of yourself

    If I was a natural phenomenon I would be the northern lights because as I mentioned earlier I enjoy colder climates as well as the fact I like beautiful things associated with nature

    If I was a mythological creature I would be a leprechaun, since they mostly keep to themselves mostly which I can associate myself with, but also because they are notoriously rich and cheap, and though I’m not particularly rich I do think I’ve got the cheap part down. Also I like green


  7. I´ve always known that I´m Silver, since I always keep it real unlike Gold which is fake most of the time.
    I´m like a ruby, simple yet precious and rare, no one understands my true value,
    Except for those who know me.
    My view on the world is like most peoples view on it, dark and gritty,
    We cant all be bright Golden chains draped in Diamonds, because sadly most people never dare to open up and appreciate their own faults.
    In the end of the day,
    Most of us feel under-appreciated like a silver ring with a ruby next to a golden diamond ring.


  8. The colour of wisdom and the banner of the deep blue sea
    If my soul were a colour then blue it would be.
    I am blue

    An unstoppable force, a gods wrath
    An unstoppable power, the one devine path
    Follow me not, and a flood I will bring
    Follow me, and I will give you google, not bing.
    I am Jesus

    Like a viking who sails to the furthest of shores
    Unbreakable, even by the strongest of force (brittish accent on ”shores” and ”force”)
    I am titanium

    Light in the dark, warmth in the cold
    Hope in despair, and more magnificent than anything foretold
    I am the northen lights

    A true masterpiece, one in a million
    an amazing creation, like Neymar the brazilian
    I am The Mona Lisa

    A weapon of honor and glory
    Edgy, sharp and too fine for any category
    I am a katana

    Brave and strong, daunting and challenging
    Loud as a drummers room, without and dampening
    I am the storm

    Made as a joke, obviously 🙂



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