English 7


Welcome to English 7. This is the last and final course in English in secondary school. The level in this course is fairly advanced.

The course plan can be found here. The course focusses on furthering your command of English. We will read literature, research and discuss various subjects and themes. We will look in particular at questions that are commonly encountered if you study English at the university.

Today, we will briefly talk about:

  • Who I am and what I have done
  • Who you are and what you have done
  • What we all can do to make the most of this course

Today we will resolve two tasks.

Task 1: Warm-up, What does your name mean?
Using a dictionary, google or any other resource, you are going to find and write down an appropriate adjective that begins with each letter of their first name. For example:
Fantastic, Relaxed, Extrovert, Dedicated

Task 2: Expectations, fears, resources

In pairs. Discuss your expectations, fears and resources, i.e. how you can contribute to the course.

Task 3: ”Dear Mr Wernegren”

Write me a letter about why you chose English 7, what you think are your strengths in English, and possibly something about your hopes for the course – or, how you can contribute to make this course rewarding.

You can also touch on questions like:
When and how did you learn English? What have you done to improve your English? How do you use the language in your everyday? What does your future in English look like? How do you hope to use the language? What do you hope to be able to do?


Book to pick-up at the library depot: The Collector by John Fowles

12 reaktioner till “English 7”

  1. My English History

    Back when I was younger I noticed a new language while watching TV, I was so young that I could´nt really grasp the existence of another language that was not Swedish, so I started to ask around and soon we started to learn english in school and since that day i´ve always been striving to learn more and more.
    One day I want to fully master English both spoken and written, it feels like i´ve come a long way but I know that I still have a long way left on the road to achieve my goal.


  2. i lernad english in my first years of school. in the begining i had a really hard time with the english. it started to click for my when i started in the 7 grade.

    what i have done to improve my english it to keep workingon it. started to look at english movies, watching english speaking programs on tv.

    i dont use english that much on a normal day. it can be talking to a coach. i mostely use the english language when watching english speaking programs.

    i dont really know how to use it in the future, but maybe when i go vacations.


  3. My English History.
    Hi! Am Winnie and have been learning english for quite some time. I started my journey of english learning way back when i joined kindergarten because it was the only language i could use to communicate to other pupils at school without landing myself a problem. I don’t know what my future holds as far as english learning is concerned by i anticipate a lot of eloquence.


  4. my English history

    I started learning English in the third grade but didn’t start to actually speak until later, perhaps it was the sixth grade? since then I never really had any trouble speaking the language, still since the ninth grade I have started reading a lot of English fictional books to improve my vocabulary, with promising results if I may say so myself. I actually speak a lot of English during my everyday routines, especially when I’m with my friends or classmates, since the video or game that I’m quoting is usually in english. regarding my future in the language I’m actuall quite ambitious. I hope to one day live in England and work in the museum of natural history, which means that I hope to develop impeccable English speaking skills.

    Arwin Jahja


  5. My English story

    My name is Aina and I was born the 15th of December 1998 at BB in Uppsala, which means I’m still 17 years old. I live in Knivsta, outside Uppsala, and just five minutes from where I live, is the school where I went from pre-school to sixth grade, and it was here, in third grade, where I learnt English. So, since third grade till now I have spoken English more frequently each year.

    I love to read fictional books, and write my own stories, both in English and Swedish, but it is more common that I read in English and write in Swedish, so I kind of get “both of two worlds”. But one negative with my love for books and writing is that my spoken English is weak and not very well used, even if I sing most of my spear time in the stable in English, but that doesn´t help me very much, unfortunately.

    I own three horses, but I only train and compete with one of them, and that is what I hope my future will look like: Train many different horses and compete in big events, both in Show-Jumping and Cross-Country.


  6. My english history.

    I have found English challenging. I learned english from school at a pretty early age but I always found it hard to pronounce words correctly, and spelling have never been my strong side. Unlike my friends I did not own a computer at the time so my contact with the English language was limited to just school.
    At the age of 11 I started going to Austria two or three times a year with helped me with the language allot. Now I finally got a real chance to practice English in real life and it helped me improve significantly.
    Today I you English when I travel and I read English articles every day on the internet. And now and then I pick up a English book to read. I hope to keep improving my English and expand my vocabulary and be able to speak more fluid.


  7. My English history:
    For as long as I can remember I have in some level been able to speak or at least understand English. It was in fourth grade that I began to learn English in school. But thanks to previous influences I was above the starting level of grade four English.
    World of Warcraft is the name of one of the worlds biggest online games. My brother introduced me to it and that’s when I actively started to use English. The community is based on the English language and I was forced to use it to be able to play the game. And thanks to that English became more natural to use.
    When I was younger I loathed speaking English in class. Mostly because I was insecure about my pronunciation. Today that fear is as good as gone. During the years since then I have greatly improved my English, especially the written language. Today I feel quite secure with speaking English. The pronunciation is not perfect but that is always something that I can work on.
    For a long time it has been a dream to move overseas. Or at least to London, England. Therefor it is crucial for me to feel confident speaking English. Hopefully this course can help me achieve that goal. After graduation I plan to continue my studies at university level. At the moment I plan to study at KTH, Kungliga tekniska högskolan. And at this day and age the English language is used in the majority of university studies. Receiving a good grade in English 7 can only improve my chances at getting accepted to the University of my choice.
    English was never my favorite school subject. But as I have grown older I have a newfound appreciation as English as both a language and subject.


  8. My English history
    the first time that I was exposed to English was when I went in second grade. Thats when we first started learning about English in school. But ever since I was young I have allways been interested in video games, movies, board games, music and so on, So I think thats where I learnt the most of my english from. Of course the english that I have learnt in school has been incredibly impactfull but not nearly as impactful as the english I have learnt from videogames. I played a lot of different video games when I was younger. some of which you had to know english for in order to communicate with other people. I also met a lot of people from other countries this way, In particular through Street Fighter and other fighting games I have been able to meet people from for example Brittan and America among other countries to practise and get better at those games with.


  9. My English history.
    Ever since I was a young kid I’ve been interested in all types of games, videogames, board-games and so on. The main interest though has always been in videogaming and that’s also the place where I started picking up English. If you combine that with the fact that I watched a lot of TV-shows as a child, like The Simpsons and other English-speaking shows, then that becomes the biggest source of my knowledge of English up to this day. Even though I didn’t understand all the things that I read or heard, it really has contributed immensely.
    If you look past the videogaming, TV-show watching and book reading that I’ve always done to improve my English, the English that I’ve been taught at school has also contributed to my knowledge, although not nearly as much as videogames have done.


  10. My English History

    I was very late to learn English because I didn’t have a teacher that could teach it until fourth grade, I think this is the reason as to why I’m so eager to learn and speak more English. As I got older I started watching movies and tv shows, reading books and also playing game which was all in English and that’s a major reason as to why it was a must for me to develop my English.
    Movies, TV, books and games are also the way I use my English everyday because it’s something that I do in my spare time.
    After graduation I’m going to explore world, or at least I want to, and that’s when I will depend a lot on my English. I was thinking about moving to New Zeeland for a while and then maybe permanently move to London. That’s what i want my future to look like, and that’s why learning English is so important for me because I know that it will be a big part of my life, in a way it already is.
    I’m hoping for my English to become more fluid and less Swedish sounding, I’m also hoping to expand my vocabulary so that I can make myself understood and understand more.


  11. My English History
    • When and how did you learn English?
    It started with my first introduction to Tolkien’s works, which sadly enough were the movie-adaptations. As a kid around the age of seven or eight I was smitten with the idea of elves, dwarves, wizards and the like, which indirectly created our family-tradition practiced every Friday. We’d watch one disk every week, as it was the extended version pushing towards being eleven hours long, and when we’d finished one round we would start all over again.
    After that I fell in love with fantasy, so after numerous books and the like I was naturally left wanting more. My father had brought home an X-Box a few years prior and as such I was also getting a taste of that world. In 2011 that bore fruit as my godfather started talking about this amazing game he’d played, and loved, called Dragon Age: Origins – so off to Game I went and picked up a copy.
    DA: O ended up being a single-player, roleplaying game starring your own character (it’s common within the genre but keep in mind that my ‘gaming-world’ had been consisting of Call of Duty and Nintendo). What I thought was outstanding was that every interaction with other characters included choosing your own dialogue options. Wow. I’d gotten curious when I saw LotR, and when I’d borrowed my parents’ World of Warcraft-accounts (I ended up playing the game for four years, whoops), but here I actually had to understand the language to say the right things. My first playthrough was utter garbage: I ended up leaving two possible companions to die at the hands on monsters, forgot to make myself queen (which made my love interest leave me due to politics) and then brought him up to the final boss (where he sacrificed himself so that I could live). Needless to say I deleted that save.
    To cut it here: when it comes to the core it’s my interests that have sparked my curiosity regarding the language.


  12. My name is Ali and I learned English when I went to school in Iran. People in Iran speak just Persian and they can’t speak English as well as Swedish people do but I always liked to learn English because I want to have conversation with people from other countries. I have some big dreams for my future to be an international businessman and that’s why English can be a good skill for me on future. Its maybe going to be hard for me to done this course but I’m going to work very hard and practicing enough to be done.



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