Art of Persuasion 3

Today you will be working in groups to analyse a short speech or extract.

Each group will give a presentation to the class, covering the following points:

  1. What is the speaker’s aim or objective?
  2. What techniques does the speaker use?
  3. What ideals or principles does the speaker appeal to?
  4. In what ways is the speech similar or different to others we have watched/read

Malcolm X, at the Organisation of African Union founding rally in Harlem, 1964. (Full text) 

Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Message to the people of America on the partition of India, 1947.

Olof Palme, Christmas 1972 broadcast in response to the US bombing of Hanoi, North Vietnam.

Joseph Goebbels, 1943 speech to Nazi party rally at the Berlin Sportpalast (also broadcast on national radio). (Full text)



En tanke på “Art of Persuasion 3”

  1. 1. What is the speaker’s aim or objective?
    His objective is probably to inspire and bring hope to the people, because the war had been going bad for them. Also to tell himself they will win in way. To assure himself and his fellow leaders that WE will do this.

    2.What techniques does the speaker use?
    He uses standard techniques for holding a speech; tone levels, his words are used in a way to show that they are united, that they are same everyone is german compared to everyone else. His tone level is varying and he speaks loud and clear when he has to. Goebbels also is very straightforward and seems sure in his thing. He is inspiring and knows why he holds his speech.

    3. What ideals or principles does the speaker appeal to?
    The ideal that Germany and germans are the greatest. That they are different and are worth more and should world power. He’s appealing to the fact that they want a Total War.

    4. In what ways is the speech similar or different to others we have watched/read
    It’s similar to Obama’s speech and also JFK’s speech in 2 main ways. He has the same kind of thoughts as Obama that they are united, as one Germany.
    His speech is similar to JFK’s speech in the way that he has power and a clear voice and also emphasizes certain words and sentences that are important. He shows feelings and try to inspire the people through these feelings.



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