Martian debate


You are going to hold a debate on the topic ”This house would send a manned mission to mars”.

You will have three minutes each to speak.

You can use the research you have done so far on this topic. There is also a good list of pro/con arguments here.

You should plan your arguments together with the other speakers from your team so that you do not contradict each other or repeat each other’s points. Remember to decide which order you are going to speak in. 

When you are preparing, try to use some of the techniques we have discussed in class.

  • Clear structure: introductionargument 1argument 2argument 3conclusion
  • Varied tone: write performance notes like LOUD or CALM or ANGRY  so you remember
  • Story-telling
  • Appeal to hope
  • Appeal to fear
  • Slogan/catch-phrase: coordinate with your team-mates
  • Evidence – data, statistics, quotations from authorities

I recommend you do NOT try to write out a speech word-for word: write out your opening and closing sentences, but use brief bullet point notes for the rest.

During the debate, make sure to listen to what the other side is saying and take notes so that you can respond during your speech.



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