Eyewitness 2

Task 1:  Write a description of everything you can see in picture A and picture B. Use as much detail as possible.

Task 2: Using the ideas we came up with in our class discussion, write 10-15 lines comparing the two pictures and what they tell us about Swedish and British political traditions.

Task 3 (if you finish early): Compare the scenes in pictures C and D. When and where do you think that they were taken? What is going on?

Picture A (click to enlarge)


Picture B


Picture C


Picture D



4 reaktioner till “Eyewitness 2”

  1. Picture A:
    – There are two people on the throne. Alot of candles, and one old man holding a pole or a sword. All the people in the room is holding a piece of paper in their hands. I can see what it looks like four body guards at the doors behind the throne. The human to the left sitting on the throne is what it appears to be a long cloak. The people in the back are using white collars.


  2. By Kaye and Birk
    Picture A
    -It looks like a man at the right side with a sword and looking down, then theres many of people who are watching at the two people who sitting in the front, i think they are the queen and king, i dont know which country it is but i can see that they the people who control they’re country.

    Picuture B
    – I see the king in Sweden, i think he is talking to everyone and there’s people who are watching and listening to him, maybe they are talking about some serious things.
    I can see flowers, and theres 26 people who are sitting there and watching and listening at the kings speach.

    Picture C
    – I can see people who holds flags, 4 flags actually, and people who are standing at the front, i cant see how many they are, but i can guess they are 25-30 people. I think they are talking about peace and freedom, maybe something happened, like for example war.

    Picture D
    – I can see the UK’s flag and soldiers, i think they are in the church and maybe someone died.


  3. Picture A
    I See a king and a queen they are really old. On the left of the queen in the middle is another couple that looks like princess and a prince. And some people in read clothes. On the right to the other side of the picture it’s tow older women and a man with something in he’s hands. In the middle of the picture their is people in white veil and white clothes but around them there are older men with black and gold clothes. On both side of the picture there is people sitting and listening to the queen.

    Picture B
    I see people in the Swedish government who’s talking about the politic and what god they can do for Sweden. It’s not so much people in the picture but those whose their seems to be really concentrate to what the leader is talking about to them. I also see flowers on the right side of picture.



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