The Art of Persuasion 2

A closer look at JFK’s “Moon speech”

In todays class we will take a closer look at JFK’s 1962 speech at Rice University, where he defended the goal of putting a man on the moon.

Step 1

Register an account  by following the link below:

Step 2

Click the confirmation link in the email to activate your account

Step 3.

Click the link below to the transcript of Kennedy’s speech:

Step 4. Get annotating!

  • What rhetorical devices does Kennedy use?
  • How does he respond to opposing arguments?
  • What ideas and ideals does he appeal to?  (You can use some ideas from your study of ideologies in samhällskunskap)

List of rhetorical devices:

Video of the full speech:

(In retrospect, we tend to imagine that everybody was behind the Apollo program. It’s worth remembering that some people saw things differently.)

Homework assignment:

Video yourself making a short speech (2-3 miniutes) on your chosen topic. Use some of the persuasive techniques we have discussed in class.

Upload the completed speech to the TE15 youtube channel  (You should have received an invitation in your school mail to manage the youtube channel. If you have problems, you can upload to my google drive folder instead.)


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