How to make friends?


Easter is coming up. Good Friday (Långfredagen) is celebrated in remembrance of the death of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe died for the sins of humanity. He was reborn two days later on Easter Sunday.

Ireland and Northern Ireland have been parts of the English-speaking world where there has been a lot of conflict and war. But on Good Friday 1997 they started on a road to peace that seems to be working. The conflict was partly religious, or so some people say, because in the north there was mainly Protestants and in the south mostly Catholic.

Since then many other wars have started. Some of them for money and some for oil and some for other reasons. It seems we’re good at quarreling. But how do we make friends.

Assignment 1

Imagine you have a friend at another school. He or she tells you that he/she has no friends in school. Your friend asks you for advice on how to make new friends. Your friend lives in another part of Stockholm, so you can’t see him/her very often. Come up with 3-5 pieces of advice, and explain why you think they are helpful.

Post as a comment below.

Assignment 2

You’re working at a youth center and you help teenagers and young adults who are feeling a bit lost and who need some help to get on with activities in their spare time. One day you get this letter. You decide to write back.

Write your reply.

Post as a comment below.

4 reaktioner till “How to make friends?”

  1. Assignment 1
    I would tell her that she gotta reach out to people and not be shay and be in the backround when its lunch sit by someone start a converstation like hey how are you doing what do you like music sport etc if they like sports like basketball ask them if they wanna go watch a game at your house at his/hers house or at bar or something if he/her like a music like hip hop for exempel ask them if they like any album you know and if they like it tell them that you gotta that album in vinyl/Cd format at home. Its good advice because that’s basically how people become friends you have something in common and they you click with the other person.

    Assignment 2
    Honestly I don’t know what I would say


  2. my advice is that, you first of all be nice and try not to be left alone at all time, take part in everything your classmate do, socialize more often and go out and meet people, because making new friends somewhere you dont know anyone can be every hard.
    starting an conversation with someone sitting or standing close to you, ask them questions even though some questions can be irritating but just make fun out of the question and the person you want to have conversation with laught and smile. make more jokes if you are good in it, because somepeople like to laught a lot. Ask them if they are free so you can hange out at a mall and do some windowshopping


  3. Asignment 1

    I would recommend to go out to the Town and try to associate with other people, so he/she get that shyness away. Try to say atleast one more meaning or Word. i would Schedule to go and meet he/she so i Could teach or show how to practise away that shyness in a easy way, so he/she senses a Comfort. And maybe talk to the teacher in school a bit more.

    I Think the examples are good because they all have something to do with talking. In that way the shyness disappear slowly. And meaning after meaning, and Word after Word he/she will get friends, There after the shyness will be gone.

    Linus Molen


  4. please do not publish

    She could go and talk to people she want to know and see if the want her in their pack. If not just try to be yourself not an person they want you to be. Or you just can small talk to them so they have something to talk about you to others. Of curse you should tell only the good things about you.

    I think that is because you miss your home and family. It takes time to meet people, and it takes time to be yourself. You have to be like you were before. So people see how you are, and I think that they are asking you out because they want to know you better.



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