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  1. Hi. My name is Gabriel. Today I will talk about something I really like to do and have been doing for quite some time. For about two years I’ve been practicing piano through the internet and through physical teachers. I will tell you how I started playing the piano and why I think it is so fun. And also, I will explain why I think you should try playing it at least once.

    For about two to three years ago, my mother gave me my very own digital piano. I started playing and it stuck immediately. I went to school every Wednesday for half an hour and when I was home I practiced for hours through the internet. My best friend at the time was going through a very hard time since her father had been diagnosed with cancer. I learned my very first song for her and dedicated it to her. I played it everyday when she was at my house or played it for her through skype. She was the one who recommended the song, ”river flows in you”, and it is my favourite peace to this day.

    I think that the piano is the most beautiful sounding instrument there are. In comparison with it, everything else fades. Whether it is a complicated and hard piece or a simple and melodic one, it always sounds beautiful. It is also not to hard to learn and after some months I learned the beginning part of the famous song ”Fur elise”. I also like it because when I play the piano I get put in a trans where only the piece I’m playing is all that matters in the world.

    Piano has given me a very exciting way to express myself and the ability to enjoy music in a whole new way. I dont listen to piano music so often but when I do I really enjoy it to the fullest. Playing the piano is so extremely fun and it grants the one playing it immense happiness if you play it for those you love. The ability to get someone to have feelings that are strong and to make them really listen to you is wonderful.

    I recommend the piano because, in my opinion, it is the easiest instrument to start learning and you easy become addicted to learning more songs and tunes. It also enhances your ability to concentrate and your finger dexterity. Although I dont like playing for people, many find it fun to share your talent and play it for lots of people and are proud and enjoy the spotlight. I like playing for those who are either very close to me or to those I love.


  2. A Good Life
    Today I’ve thought about what’s very important for a good life
    Personally I think that for a good life you really need money health and education. I am going to tell you why this is true
    Money is important because you can’t buy anything without it
    You need a good health because it makes you live longer
    Education is important because you need it to make money
    To sum up this up money health education is the key to a good life


  3. A good life
    Today, I’ve thought about what’s important for a good life. I think that most people really need an education, a social life, and money. I am going to explain why this is true
    First of all everybody needs an education, because you can wish whatever you want in your future and become whatever you want if you have a good education. The most important about education it helps you build a network with people resources might work the best in your benefit if you choose to be self-employed. Education may not be the key to happiness, but it definitely is the key to a lot of other things which makes you happy.
    Second thing, A social life. I think everybody needs a social life, because this is one of the important thing in our life. Without positive, family relationships it makes us sad, and no one want those feelings, cause its sucks, feeling like you are nothing, pointless and those uncomfortable feelings it makes you depressed.
    Third thing, Money. I think money is important too, cause you can buy whatever you want, but also I think money is not the key to happiness, for me if you have a great family, who really cares about you even if you are not rich, no money nothing, like for example in kids/people in Africa, most of them don’t have money, no education but they have a family who really cares about them, that’s enough. But yeah.. Money is one of the important thing in our life.
    Finally, it is not just one thing or many things that make a good life. Don’t forget that even a poor life can have love, a loveless life can have friends. And even if you have no money, no friends, and no education you always have yourself. And you can be good even if you have nothing.

    /Kaye Lindborg



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