Share your passion!

We will now do a prepared and planned oral activity in three steps.

The aim is to prepare a short speech in writing, using what we learned about the 5 paragraph essay.


So, how do we do it?

  1. Think for a minute and prepare to talk talk in pairs about a passion that you have that you want to share with your friends.
  2. Make sure you tell your friend about the background to your passion, why it makes you so passionate, and give an argument that explains why anybody could benefit from sharing in your passion.
  3. Help each other out with the 5 paragraph essay, your manuscript for the speech.

Later on you will use your manuscript to give a talk for your friends in groups of 4 or 5.

12 reaktioner till “Share your passion!”

  1. Hello, my name is Johan Challita. Today I will talk about something I really like to do. Playing soccer. Now I’m going to tell you about how I came to like it, why it is really fun and I will explain why you should try it at least one.

    4 years ago I played my first soccer match and I was a midfielder. It was really fun because I scored 2 goals. But, it ended badly because we lost 2-4. It was fun anyway.

    The reason why I love soccer is because I face new people at the match and afterwards we talk to each other. So it is a great way to make new friends.

    Now, you should really give soccer a try because you will face new people and make lots of new friends that you can hang with. There will be many laughs. And when there is tears your friends will help you and support you.

    To sum up, I have told you what I really like to do, playing soccer, how I came to like it, why it’s fun and why you should try it at least once.

    Thank you for listening, bye!


  2. Hello, my name is Viktor, and i’m going to tell you about something i really enjoy to do, i really enjoy playing games, I will also tell you how I came to like it and I will explain why you should try it at least once.

    I’ve liked playing games as far back as i can remember, but when it really hit off was around the age of 9, when my father invited me to play World Of Warcraft with him. I had been watching him play it for a long time, and i was super happy when he asked me. And i’ve regularly been playing games since.

    I like playing games overall because it’s fun, and it’s a way for me to connect with my friends, and it has also helped me connect with my father.

    You also get to meet a lot of people over the internet, good and bad. And it’s also a huge help when it comes to learning certain things, for example, i’ve been speaking fluent english since i was around 10, and a lot of that is thanks to me playing WoW with my father, and speaking/reading/hearing english a lot because of it. This is also why i feel you should try it.

    To sum up, now I have told you about what I really like to do, and how i came to like it and why i think you should try it.


  3. Hello I will talk about something I really like to do and I’m will explain why.
    My passion is eating.

    As long back as I remember I have always been eating, not all the time but around three times a day.

    One reason is that you die if you don’t eat, another reason is that I love the satisfaction you get when you eat just the right amount so you aren’t to full and not still hungry.

    If you haven’t already tried it out, I really recommend you to do so, because otherwise you will die. And the feeling you get when you eat is so good that living a life with out it is not a good life.

    So, to sum it up eating is the best thing in life because if you don’t eat you will die and life is not worth living when you don’t get the satisfaction of a good meal.


  4. Hi, my name is Robert the great. Today, and possibly tomorrow, I will talk about something I like to do.
    I am going to tell you about how I came to like it, why it is really really fun and I will explain why you should try it at leas once. But mostly just once. Don’t get better at it than me.

    I play LoL with a pro(noob) called TheSticklee. My passion is to carry him.
    10 years ago I did not play LoL. Not even once. I started like yesterday. Not much history on that.

    The reason I play LoL is that Eskander forced me. He told me that he will have a bad opinion about me if I don’t start playing, and I don’t want that to happen.

    Now you should really give LoL a chance because it’s fun to see Eskander feed. I promise to invite you to the party so you can watch the game.

    To sum up, you have to add. Example 2+2=4. You have 2, you add 2 and it is now equal to 4.


  5. Hello my name is Noh Azlan Butt and today, I will talk about something that I really like to do, and I will tell why I like it and how I began to like it and why you should atleast do it once in your life and maybe ought to devote your whole life to it.

    I think it was in 2006 when I woke up from sleep, I had sleep problem but then I went down from the stairs it was like 9 or 10PM I saw my dad watching tv and then I sat next to him and i didn’t knew what he was watching so I asked dad what is it and he told me its football the biggest and famous sport in the world, suprisingly I got exited to watch that football game, because my dad didn’t like many things back then so I wanted to see what made him like football.

    You can say that my dad is one of the reasons why I liked football but the biggest reason was when I watched the game with my dad, it was Arsenal Vs Liverpool in 2006 and I saw a guy his name was Fabregas suddenly I loved how he played, and I just watched him the entire game, his plays in the game gave me hapiness that I never had before and thats the reason why I liked Football(soccer)

    The reason why you should play football because it gives happiness and its the best felling in the world you I started football in 7th grade as a goalkeeper and it was really fun to play with the other 10 guys in the team it gave me happiness when we played for me and my team mates and my coach told me I had potential as a goalkeeper so I still trained very hard and one day when I was 15 I trained with guys two years older than me and played in Division 3 for adults and it never felt closer to be in the stadium that Fabregas played in and it gave me lots of happiness that day.

    Finally I have told you about my story of football so will you play it and work hard and know that you maybe wont succed or keep going and be in the stadium that i dreamed of being in but if you should still play I have only word for you good luck, thats the end guys and see you later!


  6. Hello, I’m here to talk about my passion.

    So, my passion is sleeping.
    I’m gonna tell you why I like it and how it helps you, and why I like it so much and why you should give it a shot.

    16 years ago when I was a baby I slept a lot and it felt so amazing I’ve slept almost every night ever since.

    The reason I love sleeping is because it feels so amazing to lay down when you’re tired and to wake up feeling rested and not exhausted or even exhausted because you slept so long.

    Your should really give sleeping a shot because it boosts your overall performance in life and it lets you store all the things that you’ve learned during the day while you’re sleeping, it is truly amazing.

    So, to sum it up sleeping is the best thing in the world if you haven’t tried it out what the hell are you doing with your life what is wrong with you, like how are you even alive right now? You will die if you don’t sleep because your body needs to recharge so if you’ve never slept it makes no sense that you are listening to me right now.


  7. Hello, my name is Jesper, today I will talk about my I love for the star wars the expanded universe and why it is so fun to read and especially why you should give it a try and read som of the book or maybe even a comic book.

    I like it because of the size of it. there is so many tales, it never ends and of course it is really enjoyable to read. When I was 2 years old the prequels came out in the cinemas, although I didn’t watch it at the time I watched it when I was older and that was how I was introduced to star wars.

    But the real reason why I love star wars is the expanded universe, the expanded universe contains all the unofficial tails of the star wars universe, they are mostly made up of books and comic books and they are really well written.å

    I enjoy star wars the expanded universe because it contains so many great stories and tales. You should really read one of the books because they explain some of the question you have after watching the movies, for example how did the lightsaber become the civilized weapons it is today or in better words ”a long time ago”.

    So to sum up the star wars universe in great but the expanded universe is even better because of all the detail that goes into the stories and that is why the star wars expanded universe is so great and why you should give it a try.


  8. Hello, this is Joshua. Right now, I will tell you about my passion in life, something I really like to do in my freetime and that I do find really interesting and realy fun in my life.
    I´ll be telling you about how I started with it and why it became so sure to be one of the most interesting things to do in my life so far. I will also try to convince you all to try it out or atleast get interested in this. Well the fun thing I love to do is creating entertaining videos for others, it’s really hard to get into but once u learn the basics and the feeling of it you will really start to enjoy it and will always have a good laugh with your friends and family when u watch the complete video together.

    It all started around 8 years ago, I was hanging around with my best friend at his house, checking out his really neat phone he got for his birthday. It was a Samsung flip phone with a superb camera on the back, it was then I started to get into filming and creating videos. We were keen to use the camera and was quick on learning how to use it and so we started, we filmed us making some police skits which was brilliant for us atleast. We kept on making these videos and it turned out to be my second hobby.

    The reason me and my best friend really got into filming was because of the laughs we had and we were jubilant and proud of these videos and showed it to our other friends and we gad a great laught there too with them. Making these skits was really fun and we continued making them until my friend and I got separated from eachother, I continued making small skits and I’m still doing them till this day.

    I really do think you should try creating entertaining videos yourself to also experience the laughter and how brilliant ideas can come to life in a video, but once u really get into it and get more ideas this might make your second hobby too and maybe your first.

    Well to sum it up, today I talked about my passion in filming and creating editing vidoes for me and others, I really like creating skits because of the laughter me and others have watching those and I can feel jubilant over it no matter how atrocious it looks. I would like you to try it out too just because to feel the joy in it and experience the fun in it.
    Thanks for listening to my interests have a great day!


  9. Hi, my name is Andreas. Today, i will tell you about something i like to do which is playing games. I’m going to tell you about how i came to like it, why it is really fun and I will explain why you should try It at least once.

    About 10 years ago i received my very first and own gaming console, i was happy and excited and started to play on it immediately. The moment i started playing it I stuck to it, i could play for hours and hours non stop.
    A few years later I got a friend who also liked to play games and we played for hours together and yet to this day we play games together.

    The reason I like playing video games is because it is really addicting and once you try it you can’t stop, its fun because it is like a movie, it has a storyline and you can interact and do as YOU want, you can choose how the story will go and you get to do those extra thing within the game which makes it even more exciting.

    Now, you should really give video games a try because its something you can start and play whenever you want to, its really fun because there is so much variation and there is always a game for every individual to enjoy.

    To sum up everything, I have told you why i like video games and why you should try it atleast once.


  10. English passion

    Hello, my name is Samuel. I’m here to tell you about Monster Hunter and why I’m passionate about it. And hopefully at the end of this, you will also be interested in it.

    About 12 years ago I started playing video games. My first video game was an old gameboy color game. And ever since then I have loved video games, but I had never found that one perfect game. Until now. Through a random youtube channel I found Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is a 2-4 player co-op game on the Nintendo 3DS. Though it also has a solo quest mode. The basic idea of the game is to go hunting for monsters. You take on a contract for a monster and go hunting for it with your personal arsenal. With new parts you earn from killing monsters, you can craft new weapons to expand on that arsenal.

    This game is an endless amount of fun. You can either play it alone, with 1-3 friends or find people to play with online. No matter what you do, this game is great. If you’re looking for a game that requires skill or a game that has interesting mechanics, this is for you. Test it out for about 1 hour and you will end up playing it for 100+.

    To sum it up, after a lot of years gaming, this is the best game I have ever played. And I recommend you to try it. That’s all from me, thanks for listening.


  11. hello there, my name is Jesper, And today I’m going to talk about my something i really like to do or like my passion for it is gaming. i’m going too tell you about why and how i came to like it, why it’s fun and explain why you should att least try it att least once.

    when i was young i looked very how my brothers played their games and wanted to play it too but they wouldn’t let me sad face. it made me want to also play games like they played and inspired me to play. when i became older i got an ps2 and i game i don’t remember but i really liked playing it though i didn’t know what i was doing exactly but it was fun. I got more games in time and played them to was fun and then i got a friend i could play the games with me. until then i had friend but they weren’t so interested in playing games until i got a friend who liked to play games like me. then we played games together and it was really fun playing with someone else than by my self. then we became more and more and in the end i have many friends to play with the games we like and its fun. games may hinder you in some ways but its really fun if you play a game you like and with others friend or strangers like you.

    To sum it all up playing games and with others is really dun if you are into the game and you should really try it. you will never know how it fells if you don’t try playing games.


  12. Hi, The reason i like hockey because my fader he played and still plays hockey and he teach me to play it and i loved it when i learn it. I don´t remember why I started ishockey, i think because I wanted to do something in my free time and it lok like fun. Butt now it have become something bigger.I have played ishockey now for 10 years or more i don´t remember.
    Every ishockey players dream is playing in the NHL, because its the most hard to get but when you get there as there it is rewarding.

    10 years ago I played hockey in a team called vikingit and every one was almost older then my, I just played there because I was a good skater.

    Why should you try it, well in the beginning it´s hard if you kan´t skate but when you kan skate it become much easier. And after that you should leran to shot the puck, every thing is hard in the beginning in ishockey butt when you learn them it become easy, and when you learn this things and go outside and play in outside rink you will get allot of friends. And of corse it is always fun tho play whit friends.

    To sum up, today I have talked about my passion, hockey. I told you how it all got started, why I love it, and I have tried to convince you try it some time.



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