The Five Paragraph Essay

Essay writing in English focuses on trying to teach pupils how to write an essay in five paragraphs.

We will have a look at that here.

To write a good five paragraph essay it is great to know the words of transition.


Choice of topics to write about:

  • A difficult choice you have made
  • Why the death penalty is wrong

15 reaktioner till “The Five Paragraph Essay”

  1. I am going to talk about the death penalty and why I think it’s wrong.

    The reason why I think it’s wrong

    A description of the death penalty and how it’s used.

    How you felt when you learned about the death penalty.

    Short summary on why it’s wrong.


  2. Aaron & Weebtor(Viktor H) xD :PpP :PpP

    I have made a difficult choice. I chose to play micro machine instead of emperor Thaurissan.

    I was going to play Thaurissan but I thought he had assassinate.

    Before I even had the choice to play Mind Control Tech but he suicided his minion into my Shredder and it gave me a Doomsayer that killed 4 of my minions. So I wanted to have a chance to come back, but, as I said, I thought he had assassinate.

    He had played prep and sprint on 4 mana so the probability that he had assassinate was quite high. He had 7 cards in his hand!!

    I felt sad when I did it because it was a win or lose decision.


    1. Saving a group of people instead yourself.

      I’m going to tell you about a difficult choice I have made whether I was going to saving a group of people instead myself.

      The reason why I wanted to save the people was because the children and parents wanted help.

      The building was on fire and there were people who screamed very loud.

      I felt very happy when I saved those people because I have done something good.

      Johan och Eskander


  3. Once I was seven years old my mama told me . Go make yourself some friends or you’ll be lonely, Once I was seven years old

    It was a big world, but we thought we were bigger. Pushing each other to the limits, we were learning quicker
    Never rich so we were out to make that steady figure. But we never found a friend who were richer.

    I always had that dream like my daddy before me. So I started writing songs, I started writing stories
    Something about that glory, just always seemed to bore me. Cause only those I really love will ever really know me. No one who ever knew my parents will ever know me.

    Most of my boys are with me, some are still out seeking glory, and some I had to leave behind. My brother I’m still sorry. Searching for friends, while roaming the streets, while playing in the playground, while eating at a DriveThru. Searching for friends through my whole life.

    Different methods didn’t work, I tried, I failed, I had to. I made the decision too live by myself, to not love, only to be the man I am. © /Gurra o Åke


  4. The story of Juan

    After the summer Juan had a difficult choice of staying in Falun and study where he lived or move to Märsta and play football.

    Staying in Falun he could study to become a builder but he couldn’t play any football because his team disbanded.

    Going to Märsta he could study something that he could live with studying and he could play football since in the school that he would go to in Märsta you can choose to play football extra in the morning and try to become one of the best.

    There were some complications since he thought he would become a builder and then the school in Märsta called two weeks before school would start. He had to make a decision fast.

    Juan thought that if he goes to Märsta to study and it doesn’t work out he could always go back home and start the education to become a builder so he went to Märsta to play football.


  5. A hard choice

    I’m going to tell you about a hard choice I made some weeks ago. It was the first of January if I remember correctly, the weather outside was fine and I felt happy about finally leaving school. I was going to play a game of my favorite game Counter-Strike. I start the game up and join a game with 9 other people. After the first round something happened that shook my whole existence. I had to choose between t and ct side.

    For those of you that don’t know CS this is one of the basic fundamentals when starting out a game and will in most cases dictate the flow of the game. After you win the first round of the game, which is a knife round, you have to make this choice. Generally most team captains choose the ct side over the t side because the maps in cs give cts an advantage. I was confused, scared but thrilled at the same time; I was going to make this choice. Me, the lonely kid that never made important choices, this was my moment. I had to do it.

    In addition to me having a hard time deciding which side to choose my teammates start becoming inpatient. They start typing to me in chat and screaming at me for not choosing. “It’s not that easy you know. I’m only a kid.” I tell them. Slowly but surely I’m starting to come to a conclusion. I’m going to do it! The choice I make will change my life forever.

    I chose to quit the match! I couldn’t handle the pressure of making a hard choice. It was too much, all the shit-talking and screaming from my teammates rattled me and made me make a hasty choice. A choice I regretted deeply, for a WHOLE day! On one hand I felt really good about myself I. My feeling of insecurity was gone and I actually started to feel like a better human being. On the other hand my conscious started whispering to me “You quit the game, you quit the game” this crept me out, I started to cry. Tears just poured out of my eyes…

    This was my reason for taking suicide. I am but a ghost of my past self. Nowadays I wander around thinking back at this choice I made. The hard choice that changed my life…

    Mahdi Wandi, Robert Gosa.


  6. – Five paragraph –
    1: Introduction: ”I’m going to tell you why death penalty is wrong.”
    2: Why: ”Death penalty is wrong because all humans are equal.”
    3: What is Death penalty: ” Death penalty is………”
    4: Personal opinions on Death penalty: ”I don’t like Death penalty because….”
    5: Short summary.

    Elias och Noh


  7. Introducing our topic, Death sentence and whether it is right or wrong.

    If it is worth it.

    How it affects people.

    Is it truly justice if you take someones life.

    Short summary of everything.

    By Jesper KKK and Gabriel JJJ


  8. I went to a restaurant to get me some mighty good kebab. But they did not have kebab. So I had to choose between hamburger and pizza.

    The reason I had to choose was because of the time limit of the school lunch otherwise I would have already gone to other restaurant.

    I had a big urge for kebab. So when I had to choose between pizza or hamburger I suddenly had to start thinking about eating a big tasty pizza or a tall mighty hamburger. First I thought of taking a hamburger because of the time of making it is a lot shorter than making a new fresh pizza. But, I heard from the seat behind me that the pizza was strikingly good, so I came back to square one.

    I felt more amazed by the hot girl than the choice I had to take.

    I ended up taking the pizza, after some heavy calculations on my calculator. The main reason I took the pizza, was because the hot girl at the desk recommended it. At the end of the day, the choice was pretty awesome, because I got to touch the voluptuous female that I had been stalking for years. Great progress and a great coincidence. *Wink*


  9. Andruas bönn, borstua boikas

    I am going to tell you about a difficult choice we have made whether we are going to build an offensive item or a defensive item in league of legends

    Zed was fed, I wanted to kill him faster and that’s the reason I choose to pick an offensive item.

    Our midlaner was feeding and i wanted to kill him so we had a bigger chance of winning.

    I felt good since we won the game and we could stop Zed very smoothly.

    The game was finished and I reported the feeders and felt good.



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