Results, evaluation, and new plans

Today we will look at some of our results and talk about what we can do together in the next few weeks and in the future. I will tell you about your results and some will do test parts they have not done.

On my wish list for the future is some reading: to read a whole novel.

Also, on my wish list is to improve our writing through preparing well and organizing our texts better.

So at the end of today’s class we should agree on a plan or at least on some of the themes or activities that we will do the next few weeks.



Sachar, Louis, Holes 69st

Green, Roger Lancelyn, The adventures of Robin Hood 27 st

Steinbeck, John, Of mice and men 17 st

Pelzer, David J., A child called ”It” 36 st

Salinger, Jerome David, The catcher in the rye 31 st

Highsmith, Patricia, The talented Mr. Ripley (LL) 16 st

King, Stephen, Misery (LL) 40 st

Swindells, Robert, Stone cold 49 st

Haddon, Mark, The curious incident of the dog in the night-time 32 st

Anonymous, Go ask Alice 33 st

Dahl, Roald, Charlie and the chocolate factory 12 st

Zusak, Markus, I am the messenger 34 st

Cormier, Robert, The chocolate war 8 st

Wilde, Oscar, The picture of Dorian Gray 16 st

Bechard, Margaret, Hanging on to Max 22 st

Mah, Adeline Yen, Chinese Cinderella 16 st

Bertagna, Julie, Exodus 46 st

Groom, Winston, Forrest Gump 5 st

Kesey, Ken, One flew over the cuckoo’s nest 43 st

Twain, Mark, The adventures of Huckleberry Finn 2 st

Fowles, John, The collector 70 st

Frank, Anne, The diary of a young girl (LL) 25 st

Hornby, Nick, Fever pitch 19 st

Hornby, Nick, A long way down 33 st

Palahniuk, Chuck, Fight Club 38 st

Cisneros, Sandra, The house on Mango Street 23 st

Díaz, Junot, The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao 35 st

McCall Smith, Alexander, The No. 1 Ladies’ detective agency (LL) 10 st

Rai, Bali, (Un)arranged marriage 72 st

Matheson, Richard, I am legend 15 st

Orwell, George, Nineteen eighty-four 34 st

Rhue, Morton, The wave 5 st

Hinton, Susan Eloise, The outsiders 37 st

Stockett, Kathrin The Help 32 st

Roth, Veronica, Divergent 10 st

Roth, Veronica, Insurgent 10 st

Hosseini, Khaled, A thousand splendid suns 10 st

Nicholls, David, One day 10 st

Chbosky, The perks of being wallflower 10 st

Coelho, Paulo, The Alchemist 10 st

Echo 5 Short stories 71 st

Russell, Willy, Educating Rita 26 st





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