A Senseless Conversation


Read this short story and complete the exercises below.


  1. Find, translate and publish 10-15 new words. Publish as a comment.
  2. Explain, in your own words, what a Turing test is. Post as a comment:
  3. Why is the rhyme question a good one?
  4. What do you make of the short story you just read. What is your thoughts and reactions? HAve you seen any similar films or read similar stories before, if so, tell me about them.


19 reaktioner till “A Senseless Conversation”

  1. 1. Turing Test.
    2. A Turing Test is a test where you assess the the ability of a computer to communicate as a human being.
    3. The rhyme test is a good test since a human has a mind in which they can communicate with themselves. This sort of ”thinking” is like talking inside yourself. If you say the three words in this monologue you will hear soft and cough sounding most similar. A computer will simply analyze the three words and assume that cough and rough are the most similar words.
    4. The short story was extremely fun to read. As the rows was counting down till the end, I slowly realized that in fact Zach was the computer. This sort of thinking and manipulation of information in the text made it fun to read and impossible to stop reading until the very end. I haven’t read similar stories or seen similar movies although I have seen plenty of self-thinking computers and machines in movies and games, such as Cortana in Halo or Mother in the Alien movies.


  2. 1. asymmetry – asymmetri
    deprivation – berövande
    somber – dyster
    fretting – oroa
    retrospect – återblick

    2. A Turing test is when a human would talk to a machine and another human and try to figure out who the machine is, if the human fails to say who the machine is then AI has been created and the machine passed the test.

    3. when you pronounce soft and cough they rhyme better that cough and rough, but if you look at the words, cough and rough should rhyme because they both have the -ough in the end, therefore the machine would most likely say that rough and cough would rhyme while a human would say soft and cough.

    4. I thought the story was cool with a nice twist, even though I noticed that he was the machine all along it was still a really cool story. I have seen a movie about just this and its called ex machina and that movie was pretty cool too.


  3. experimental = experimentell
    engage = Uppta
    stillness = stillhet
    retrospect = Återblick
    persuaded = övertalade
    sarcastic = sarkastisk
    flawlessly = felfritt
    unmasked = omaskerad
    engineering = teknik
    paralyzed = lam
    Turing test are a test to prove that the computer have a mind that can think like a human begin. It´s a hard test to create and successfully prove that it´s working.
    When we rhyme the sounds from the words is likely the same but for us to sense that we need ears and a mouth to say the words. The reason the computer Zach knew this was because he had another persons memory and that explain why he could say something about his past.
    I was finding this short story very interesting and was in my genre of liking. It was a great twist in the ending but you could sense it coming if you were little sharp in the reading, ” This is where things get interesting. Using a technique called memory engineering, I was able program a ‘human’ memory directly into my computer’s code”. This sentence was the one that made me think about this kind of twist in the end. This have been my first time reading or seeing a movie with this kind of story.


  4. 1.Plausibe-having an existence
    Indistinguishable-hard to describe
    Nuanced-difference in tone or color
    Hysterical deafness
    vividly-strong image of something,

    2.The turing test is like a test for a machine/computer too se if it can think like a normal human does. One person is to talk to the machine and if the person can not se the difference between a human and computer then the test is a success.

    3.who knows maybe its there to calm him or make him think differently. Its a mystery

    4.hhhhhmmmmmmm this story was really interesting and mind-fuck. It shows that you can make someone think that they are a machine even if they know that he/she is a human. Like your very hole existence in those year of life were just made some minutes ago.


  5. 1.
    indistinguishable-omöjlig att skilja
    2. A turing test is a of course a test but its testing how intelligence a computer is and to see if it can think on its own.
    3. The Rhyme question is good because we ”Humans” we have ears so when someone talks and it rhymes we can hear it but a computer don’t have ears so it can’t hear if something rhymes or not so thats why its a good question
    4. I really like the story because it makes my think differently because the computer didn’t knew it was a computer but think that maybe we are computers that are controlled by other beings and want to know what we can do when we thinks by ourself, but it also reminds me of two movies i have watched like terminator and The Matrix, I gar really weird reactions when i read this because i always thought during the story that he was human but then later in the story he was a computer so i got confused can’t you see the difference between a human and a computer?


  6. Somber – Dyster
    Translucent – Halvgenomskinlig
    Senseless – meningslös , medvetslös.
    Say in a roundabout way – To imply something without saying it.
    Computation – Beräkning
    Deprivation – Berövande
    Retrospect – Återblick
    Forthcoming – Kommande
    Nuance – Nyansering (Slight disagreement)
    Coherent – Sammanhängade

    2. A turing test is test where you measure a computers intelligence and likeness to a human. To pass the turing test you should not be able to tell the difference between responses from a computer and responses from a human.

    3. To be able to tell the difference between the pronunciation between words you have to say them out loud. A computer can’t do this which makes it a great question to determine the intelligence of the answerer.

    4. I thought this story was pretty good. The ending was expected and it didn’t come as a shock. I haven’t seen anything with a similar story line but how it’s written and the length of it reminds me of ”Creepypastas”. They are short often scary stories written for example y users on a forum. Creepypastas often have the same type of twist in the end.


  7. A Senseless Conversation

    asymmetry – asymmetri
    deprivation – förlust/berövande
    somber – dyster
    fretting (to fret) – reta upp sig
    retrospect – återblick
    vividly – klart/tydligt
    consciousness – medvetande
    sensory – sensorisk

    2. A turing test is a test to check wether or not a machine has an artificial intelligence that can be compared to that of a human. You have leave the machine in one room and the human in another. Then a person who has no idea who is who, has a conversation with both and try to figure out which one is the machine. If he can’t, then the machine pasts the test.

    3. The rhyme question is a good one because you would need your own thoughts to be able to figure that one out. By hearing the sound of the words in your head, you would be able to determine which words rhyme.

    4. I think that it’s a pretty good story. I had my thoughts through out the story about what would happen. The twist was good but still expected. 10/10 would doubt my own existence again.


  8. 1. 1. Somber : Dyster
    2. Forthcoming : Meddelsam
    3. Plausible : Rimlig, Sannolik
    4. Nuanced : Nyanserad
    5. Quirky : Knäppa
    6. Coherent : Sammanhängande
    7. Sensory : Sensorisk
    8. Deprivation : Berövande
    9. Rational : Rationell
    10. Vividly : Livligt
    2. The Turing test is a test where they check how smart the computer is. And it’s also a way to determine if the computer is thinking, understanding and conscious.
    3. It’s a great question because it determines the way the person/computer is thinking. For example, if you think the way its spelt, rough rhymes with cough, not soft. But based on how it sounds, cough rhymes better with soft. So most people would say that cough rhymes better with soft since they can hear how it sounds. A computer usually wouldn’t come out with the same answer, since a computer can only read it, not hear it.
    4. It was very interesting. My reactions was that i was honestly a little bit surprised by the end. My thoughts was that it was really good, and i honestly didn’t expect the way it turned out, it became more apparent further into it, but other than that it was unexpected.


  9. Justification – rättfärdigande
    forthcoming – kommande
    Predictable – förutsebar
    Retrospect – återblick
    Translucent – halvgenomskinlig
    genuinely – genuin
    participant – aktör
    skepticism – skeptisk
    deprivation – förlust
    analogous – analog

    1.The Turner test was made my the man who broke ”enigma”, he made a test to figure out if a computer was thinking like a computer, this was how it was executed: you have two rooms, in room one you have a computer and in room number 2 you have a human. Finally you have a observer that is supposed to enter the rooms and have a conversation with both of them. If the observer is not able to tell the difference between the computer and the human the computer have passed the test.
    2.The rhyme question is a good question because Zach answers wrong to the question, this is the first clue we get, before we learn that he is actually the computer.
    3.The story was really good because it made you think and most of all the reader was able to relate to the story, we have all seen movies with a conscious AI, but they never really explain how they could preform this.


  10. furthermore – dessutom
    administer – administrera
    retrospect – återblick
    chatterbot – berövande
    synthetic – syntetisk
    somber – dyster
    forthcoming – kommande
    output – produktion
    skepticism – skepsis
    stillness – stillhet

    Turing test is a test that measure artificial intelligence to see if it is any different from human intelligence.

    I have no idea how soft and cough rhyme… rough and cough make a lot more sense to me. I might be a robot then.

    It was a nice story with a good plot twist.


  11. 1.
    coherent- sammanhängande
    translucent- halvgenomskinlig
    condescending- nedlåtande
    somber- mörk, dyster
    forthcoming- kommande, förstående
    vividly- levande, skarp, livlig
    establish- slå fast, inrätta, utröna
    senseless- meningslös, vansinnig
    suspense- väntan, spänd väntan
    roundabout- krånglig
    essential- grundläggande, nödvändig

    2. A turing test is an intelligent test for machines and robots to prove that they are human (can think they are one). The turing test contains of 2 ”humans” one real human and one machine, those two tries to have a normal conversation with each other and the human examiner would try to find out who the human is really is and if the machine doesn’t get caught by the examiner it passes the test and is proven to think, feel and understand like a human.

    3. The rhyme question was really good because humans have ears to hear those words but computers have not, so they might not know the true difference in the pronunciation of those words and determine the difference in the rhyme.

    4. The story was great overall it was an really fun experience to read this and while I was reading half trough I already thought up the ending of this, Zach was the robot. It was quite obvious later in the story that he was the robot because Douglas never showed him the other robot to Zach and kept asking him questions about Zach himself trying to persuade Zach from thinking that he had no other robot until Douglas let him think about that. Like I said the story was quite predictable but it was still an fun and an awesome experience to read. I think I’ve read stories similar to this or played games similar but I cant quite remember the name of those.


  12. A senseless conversation:
    Justification- berättigande, försvar, rättfärdigande
    distinguish-skilja, se, utmärka
    skepticism- skepsis
    plausible-rimligt, sannolikt, antaglig
    persuaded-övertalande, övertyga

    2. The Turing test is like a test for a machine’s intelligence, where the computer access its ability to communicate as a human.
    3. The rhyme question is a good test since a human communicate with themselves. The sort of ”thinking” is like talking to yourself. If you say a word for instance ”I love you” a computer will simply analyze the word.
    4. The story was really fun and interesting story. This sort of thinking and manipulation in the text made it more fun to read and more impossible to stop read because you want to know what’s going on. I haven’t read similar stories or seen similar movies.
    Send me more stories like this!! 🙂


  13. 1.

    Deprivation- Bedrövande
    Condescending – Nedlåtande
    Plausible – Rimlig
    Retrospect – Återblick
    Indistinguishable – Omöjlig att skilja
    Computation – Beräkning
    Translucent- Halvgenomskinlig
    Somber – Dyster
    Coherent – sammanhängande
    Analogous – analog

    2. The turning test is where a computer tries to trick anyone (even it self) that it is human.
    3. The rhyme question is a good one because a machine would look at the spelling of the words but a human would look at the sound of the word.
    4. The short story was really interesting, and I liked the big “WTF” moment as everything was revealed in the end. The short story kind of reminds me of the matrix in the way they are like tricked into living in a computer world thinking they are human or that it is reality when it really isn’t, it also reminds me of enders game (Spoilers??) how when he is tricked into killing all the aliens on their home planet thinking it was a stimulation, and like the last time to practice before he would actually do it.


  14. 1.







    Coherent- sammanhängande

    Persuaded- övertalade


    The turing-test is a test there you trick a computer to believe its human or use multiple computers to trick a specific computer.

    It’s good because the computer only focus on the spelling not how you pronounce the words.

    I think it was a good story because it fucked with your mind and I was like wtf, then I questioned my own existence and thought if my life only were preprogrammed memories.
    You start to thing what life really is and its kind of impossible to know if you are a computer your self but I thing I’m not a computer because of my bad spelling, I don’t thing someone would program a miss-spelling computer.


  15. 1. Plausible – Rimlig
    Indistinguishable – omöjlig att särskilja från
    coherent – sammanhängde
    somber – mörk, dyster
    translucent – halvgenomskinlig
    vividly – levande, livlig, skarp
    roundabout – krånglig
    retrospect – återblick
    condescending – nedlåtande
    suspense – väntan

    2. The Turing test is a test made by Alan Turing and is a test for machines to test their intelligence and to prove if they can think as humans do. The Turing test contains 2 ”humans” one human and one machine, they have a normal conversation and the human examiner tries to prove to the machine that it is a machine and the machine would either agree or don’t if it realise that it is a machine it passes the Turing test otherwise it will fail the test.

    3. Because when you read the words it looks like it would rhyme but when you say it it doesn’t rhyme.

    4. I thought that it was really interesting because it makes you think alot and it makes me want to keep reading the text, and the test was a really cool thing to read.


  16. vividly – livligt
    coherent – sammanhängde
    engage – uppta
    somber – dyster
    nuance – nyansering
    sensory – sensorisk
    deprivation – förlust
    retrospect – återblick
    persuaded – övertalade

    Its is a way to test the intelligence
    turing test

    because to be abel to no who to rhyme you need to hear the words or say them in your head.

    At first it was a bit weird and I didn’t understand anything. But the more i reed the more i understood. It was very interesting and a bit creepy at the end.


  17. 1,
    Translucent – halvgenomskinlig
    Deprivation – förlust, berövande
    Retrospect – återblick
    Synthetic – syntetisk
    Forthcoming – kommande, förstående
    Undeniably – obestridbart
    Genuinely – Uppriktigt
    Analogous – Liknade
    Sensory – Sensorisk
    Condescending – Nedlåtande

    The Turing test is used to test a computers intelligence and prove if a computer can think by it self.
    There are three rooms, one room for the computer and one room for a human subject, the third room is for a person that communicates with the computer and the human subject.

    The rhyme question is good because you need to hear a word to know if it rhymes and a computer can’t do that.

    After about half way into the story I assumed that Zach were a computer so I wasn’t that surprised when I got to the ending.
    Although it’s pretty cool that you can fool a computer like that, but it’s a good story and I can really imagine that happening soon in the future.


  18. 1.
    Determine= määrätä
    Established= vakiintunut
    Conscious= tietoinen
    External behavior= ulkoinen käyttäytyminen
    Fretting= kiukuttelu
    Somber= synkkä

    Turing test is when human talks to a machine and tries to figure out if it’s machine or a human. If human fails to tell which one it is, machine passes the test.

    When you say words soft and cough they rhyme better than rough and cough. But when you write those words, rough and cough looks that they rhyme better. This should is hard question for machine because you have to communicate with it by writing.

    4.Story was interesting and confusing. First you think that main character is human who is doing Turing test to some machine but then it turns out that he is the machine and someone is doing the test to him.



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