We are constantly trying to convince one another about different things. And people and companies are constantly trying to convince us. Let’s have a go at building a convincing argument, “by the book”.

An opinion you want to convince somebody of is called a thesis. A thesis is supported by arguments.

Always try to support your thesis with arguments that show that your opinion is important for:

  1. Health and security
  2. Economic, or practical benefit
  3. Aesthetics, or feeling. Something looks, smells, tastes, sounds or feels better.
  4. Authority. Somebody important or famous thinks like you do. Perhaps a scientist or pop star has the same opinion as you do. Use that!
  5. Common denominator. Always try to appeal to what you know about the culture and values of the people you are talking to. Is there anything you know about your audience, which you can use to make them feel at home with your opinion.


  • A stronger defence
  • Bigger differences in income
  • School uniform


An example: Stricter security in schools


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