How to create a character


Fillable character sheet


Pre-generated characters




  1. What’s your character’s story? What makes him a hero?
  2. How does your character know the other characters? How is his loyalty to them guaranteed?
  3. What drives your character to do good?

The Background story

In another world, another land, where three tall giants fish the ocean, where mankind is struggling to build a civilization on a new continent where magical beasts and a dark lord of old threatens them from the desert of Da’Rak.

The Free Peoples fled the Land of Light 50 years ago. You arrived in the Wild Lands.

The Elves settled in the Silver forest, the dwarves in the Iron Hills and the humans in the the city of New Hope.

You live in the village of Sandkeep.

The Protector of the village Danara Elvenpath has disappeared. The people of the village look to you and the marshal, Old Ben,  for protection. And from the dark hills in the forest… smoke has been seen… Darker for each day… And at times a smell of burning meat has reached the village… Who has the courage to rise to the occasion and investigate what has happened to Danara and what the smoke is all about…


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