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  1. English:
    1. Family 5 because they were the simple one and since they don’t have any apparent problems.

    Yes, because discrimination is everywhere, and because of his african background it will be harder to teach him and hard for him to learn. And there are also many racist people in Sweden which might lead to some issues on that front.

    3.Mostly African, but also bit Swedish since he’s going to be raised with swedish culture.

    4.Well because some of them have mental issues, and some don’t have the time to spend with him. Also family 1 might lead to problems with their 7 year old daughter. The father is already heavily invested in her, and if they adopt a kid, it might just lead to her treating him badly.

    5.Family 3 because the mother has mental issues, which might lead to abuse of some kind.

    By: Johan and Viktor H


  2. The best choice is the family number uno. The family seen to be a caring family with already another child who can be a friend to musa if he dosen´t get many friends in school.

    In today sociality their won’t be as many problems as before, but if the parents guide him to be kind and caring he will have a bright future.

    I would think the Swedish culture would be the best because his future lays in there.

    All family is suitable but number uno seems to be the most caring and kind to their family.

    The family five is the worst because Musa dosen´t need a strict father , what Musa need is a caring father who supports him and guide him to the right path.


  3. Would you take a refugee child up for adoption?
    Samuel: Probably not.
    Victor: No I don’t think så.

    Why/why not?
    Samuel: If me and my wife decides that we want to adopt a child then we will take up the offer for adoption. Otherwise the thought probably won’t hit us and we will make our own children.. 😉
    Victor: Games are my children. Nothing else matters.

    What are the challenges with taking care of an adopted child?
    First of, depending on the difference between Sweden and said country, he will have some problems to fit in and get the hang of things around here. But it kind of depends on his age, if he can’t even speak to begin with he probably will have a harder time to learn Swedish and he will be fucked. You will have to be his shoulder to lean on. He will need you much more.

    How is raising an an adopted child different from a regular one?
    Raising ”An an adopted child” will feel different depending on his age. Is he older you will have to teach him new things. But it probably won’t be much of a problem.


    1. We have picked Kerstin and Christopher Brooks. They seem to be the most suited to take care of the child and give him the attention he needs. A teacher is very much suited for that.

    2. What if your closest friends are actually racist and judge you. Suddenly you would feel really bad. Also the child might be the target of racism in school, which could be bad for the parents and the child.

    3. He should be raised with a Swedish cultural identity. He should be raised as far away from the african culture as possible. Because the african culture will only remind him of his dead parents. He needs to live a new life. He is now Sven and not Musa.

    4. First family are so called ”snobbar” in Sweden. They also love their little girl. Did you know that racism is most common with little girls.
    Second family are a no go. As the father is going to be gone and he is needed to be honest.
    Third family are also a no go. As the mom got mental problems.
    In the fifth family the dad is in the military, which could be a reason to let them adopt, but we chose not to. As he could be sent out at any time.

    5. The worst family is the third one. The one with a lunatic of a mother.
    ”Hon kan ju fan misshandla barnet”


  4. 1. Because both of the parents have good jobs and they get payed well, they both are intrested about Africa and Africans. The other one of the parents has worked in Africa so he knows what kind of placee it is.

    2. He would get some racist comments and something like that but these days there is lots of other black people in Sweden so it would also easier to make friends.

    3. Mostly swedish but also know something about Africa and his own country.

    4. In one of them the mother had some mental issues i the past so it would not be good. The other families exept one don´t know lot about africa so they could not tell about it for the child.

    5. Any of those is not like really bad. We think the child would be placed any of those families but the one we picked was the best on our opinion.


  5. Aaron and Linus

    English Adoption/refugee

    Right now no, we both agree that it would not be good for our family for an extra member since out parents don’t really have time already and dealing with a adopted child. Our parents are kinda to old as well to take in a new child since they are coming up on their fifties.

    In the future, it depends on the situation and it´s hard to tell.

    Depends on the age, if they’re young they don’t really have an life from before, and then the only challenges come from raising a normal child, but if they’re older it can be harder to get them to adapt to a new society and a new family.
    The trouble of telling them when they’re older if the are young when you adopt them, can be hard, but it will probably not destroy or challenge your relationship if you have already been together for so long.

    Same as before, depends on the age, if they are young it is easier and you can raise them as your own, but if they are older it is harder because you probably need them to change from before which can be harder. If you give birth to your own child you will have some more attachment to them, at least in the begging that is hard to have to a child that you adopted.

    Family 1.

    1.They seem like they can give the child the most normal and stable upbringing. They both have university degrees which makes them very stable economically and the fathers devotion to their 1st child is a probably a good sign that he will also act that way towards the new one.
    no since Sweden is such a open country to ethnicity and background. It is normal for black people to live in Sweden and the difficulties that come directly from being black seems like a thing from the past.
    I don´t know why he needs to be raised with a set identity. Why can’t he have his own, like a mix. It is really old fashioned to think that you need to be one or the other.
    They all seem suitable but this one fits the case the most in our opinion since this family has the best resources and seems to have good values.
    Family 2, it seems like it would be a perfect match but they having norms and standards that come from being in such a group would probably hurt the child more. If they think they know a lot about african culture and try and bring that into the upbringing it could be a disadvantage in the swedish society.


  6. 1. nope.
    2. we would like to have our own children, and we think we don’t have the time to take care of a child right now
    3. we think that you wouldn’t get a real connection with the child, and he might not think he belongs with us.
    4. we have no idea because we don’t have kids so we wouldn’t know anything

    1. we think that the kid would fit in pretty good in that family, because they seem to have time to be with the kid and the dad will become a good role model for the kid. and the mom can help him with the studies so he gets a good head start.
    2. No we don’t think so in Sweden, but the father would help him if there would be any difficulties because he knows how it is.
    3. We think Swedish because he lives in Sweden, but he should have some knowledge of the African culture.
    4. the other families seem to not have time for a kid, some seem to have mental problems and one seem like they would turn the kid into a experiment subject, family #5 would be good but since the father works for the military he could die any day and then the mother would be all alone with the kid and that might be hard for her.
    5. family #2 because they seem to obsessed with africans, they would turn the kid into a experiment subject and inspect him with everything and it just wouldn’t work out.


  7. English adoption:
    1..It really depends on the situation, but we are 99% sure that we don’t want to have an adopted child in our house because our family work their ass off every day to have enough money to fed us, but then a stranger who had nothing with our family and just take our food but the ”adopted child” have struggled in life and lived a terrible life. We would rather donate money to them instead of taking care of them.

    2..Firstly, they have to adapt to our family and know how we are living and the most difficult thing is that you have to make them forget their family, friends and other relatives and you have to make them forget the situation that happened with them in their country.

    3.. You don’t know their background and what they are capable of. Them adapting to the new society is also going to be a challenge. It is harder to make changes than just being told what to do from the beginning.

    1.. Because they are kind hearted and have a lot of time to spend with the child. The man has 24h free time because military in Sweden don’t do shit so he can take care of the boy pretty well. Also they have planned an adoption for 7 years.

    2.. It will not because people in Sweden ARE NOT RACIST.

    3.. Why not both?

    4.. We think they are. Family #5 is simply the best in our opinion.

    5.. Family #3 is the worst because the woman has no job, and has a mental problem and might kill everybody.

    Written by Noh, Jesper, Robert


  8. I don’t want a child that isn´t my own.
    Trying to make to child fit in the family and sociality.
    It´s harder to make another person care about others if there is not a bond holding them together and when you need to teach the child something it´s hard to know if you need to be hard or soft on the child.


  9. 1. We choose Family #1 because they both have a good degree and a job. They have been married for 10 years and have a daughter which means that they have a stable relationship it could also be good for an adopted child to have a sister.

    2. There is some rasism in Sweden but that is probably not a big problem, because we are very accepting in Sweden.

    3. It does not matter what culture the child is raised in as the child comes to Sweden at a very young age.

    4. They are all good but this one seem to be the best as I explain in question one.

    5. Family #3 is the worst family because the wife Nandi has had some mental problem in the past, this could prove to be dangerous for the child.


  10. Elias and Gustav

    It’s hard to take care of a child that has been through things like starvation.
    Because of the trauma the child has been through.
    So no.

    If you have a child of your own it’s harder in our opinion to love that child as much as you love your own, since you value your own flesh and blood a lot more than with a random child that you’ve never meet.

    Depends on the age, a young child who doesn’t remember anything is a lot easier to raise than a child who is old enough that he has memories of his past life, then you have to deal with things like problems that he had during that time, he might have been beaten or gone through something worse. Other than that we don’t think there is a big difference between raising a adopted child.


  11. Mahdi and Ludwig
    1. Mahdi: No I would not. Ludwig: Yes of course.

    2. Ludwig: Ludwig’s aunt is adopted. Because she was adopted, Ludwig feels he has a responsibility to take care of an adopted child. Also because he believes he has a heart of gold. Mahdi: I most likely would not adopt a child. Because I think I would not be able to take care of a child. Seeing as how I’m usually very stressed and got a lot on my mind. Also I think the sudden change in culture and how I am as a person, very rational. Would not suit a scared and brokenhearted young child.

    3. Making sure the child feels safe and can trust this new family of his. Also helping him adopt to his environment and the new culture. The family that adopts the child also need to be finically stable to be able to adopt another organism.

    4. An adopted child is usually very scared and scarred so you need to be a lot of more understanding and careful with what you are saying. Also you can’t get to attached to the child in my opinion. Because he will always remember that he is adopted.

    You are to decide which family is to get the child.

    We choose family 1.

    1. We picked the family because of several reasons. First of all this family is very financially stable and has a child already. This is good because they can provide Musa with what he needs and also the care that a child should get. Musa will also have another child in his environment that he can talk to and play with. Also the family could provide him a good education when he gets older seeing as how both have studied at a Uni.

    2. In the past there would be. But in present time Sweden is a multi cultural country so a lot of different ethnicities exists. So over time racism has ceased to exist. This could still happen thought so the family has to be ready for it.

    3. Swedish to start with seeing as how he lives in another country and is only 4 years old. But when he gets older we believe he has to choose for himself which way he goes.

    4. Some of them are not financially stable, and other’s like family 3 have some internal problems within the family. Family 5 has one huge problem. The man of the family is working with the military. Seeing as how Musa came from a country that has been created through a military coup d’état, he probably doesn’t want to have a military man take care of him.

    5. We believe family 3 is the worst possible family for Musa. This is because for starters they are not financially stable. Also the mother of the family has some mental problems according to the text. Also she has no experience with raising a child.


  12. Elias and Gustav

    Family #3

    They’ve both got connections to Africa and they themselves have adapted to the swedish society, so it’s easier for the child to be raised by parents who have done it themselves, since they can help the child. But this is only if the mother is mentally stable. Volvo export might also have bad working times and the child needs a fatherly figure in his life but since the mother is a housewife it shouldn’t be a problem unless the father is gone for to long.
    There shouldn’t be a problem at all, since the recent refugee crisis there is a lot of diversity in Sweden.
    Both, while he should adapt to Sweden’s culture he should not forget where he’s from and completely abandon his roots. We think family #3 will help him with that since they’re probably performing african traditions.
    All families are suitable and should raise him but family #3 is just a lot better since it’ll be easier for him to adapt slowly with people that have the same kind of traditions as himself. Family #2 is also a good one.
    Family #4 since we both agree that it’s not a good thing for a child who’s coming from Africa do be introduced to racism at such a young age. The Father is also know so the child might be featured on the media which is not a good thing either at such a young age.



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