A Christmas Carol – info and exercise

We are going to see A Christmas Carol at Maximteatern.

The play starts at 7.30 on 1oth of December. It is two and a half hours long. If you go straight from Märsta station there are two trains you can take. The last one makes it really tight for you to find your way.


After the show is over you have to head back home on the next train to Märsta, so it will be really late for you when you come home.

Exercise 1


More advanced versions (English 6)

The full story

The abbreviated version

Underscore all new words and post them with their meaning below!

Exercise 2

My ghost

In A Christmas Carol Scrooge is visited by scary ghosts that come to give him an important lesson. If a ghost would come to you, what would it look like and what important message about life would it carry?

Describe your scary ghost with as much detail as you can!

Write with drama what the ghost says to you!

Post as a comment below.


3 reaktioner till “A Christmas Carol – info and exercise”

  1. A woman with white dress came in my dream and wanted to give me a assignment, Something I’ve always been afraid of and able to drop the fear, then she came and rescued my fear. She told that I was safe and just reminded me that I should be happy and think positive and don’t have to be afraid of anything.


  2. My ghost were gray and had a big nose, big eyes, sharp teeth and blood running from his mouth. He was pretty long and looked like an old man. It said to me to be kind to all people and not just think about yourself.


  3. My ghost was very tall had white hair and had a very big nose very big teeth and he had blood running down his face he said to me to be nice to all people



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