English for Wednesday

This Monday we discussed the course and you talked about your previous learning of English. You described experiences such as reading texts, talking, reading novels, writing and some of you had done some kind of research into the culture and society of English-speaking countries.

For this course you expressed the desire to things like the following:

    Write short stories
    Watch documentaries
    Watch news
    Read texts or books
    Report on news you had found in English-speaking news media

I have noticed from your posts that you seem to be uncertain on how to use apostrophes in English.

I am going to try to explain how they are used today. You find the information here.


Take the quizzes at the bottom of the page.  Make a note of your errors and show me which mistakes you make.  Try to come up with a simple mnemonic for yourself by using examples so that you can try to remember the rules.

Film to repeat it all

22 reaktioner till “English for Wednesday”

  1. A girl named Loda hasn’t got a Škoda. It’s not her’s anymore, because she sold it to a guy named Billy, who hasn’t got a willy.


  2. My pet’s name isn’t Karl Gustav III because he isn’t king, he speaks too much Klingon.


  3. quiz 1:
    My score: Final Score: 8/10

    Right answers: The two cities’ weather is always warm, The women’s dresses are on the second floor.
    My mistakes: The two cities weather is always warm, The woman’s dresses are on the second floor.

    quiz 2:
    My Score: Final Score: 7/10

    Right answers: those actresses’ costumes look beautiful on them, Bill and Al had a boat. I was there when Bill and Al’s boat sank, both of my brothers-in-law live ner Durango.

    My mistakes: Bill and Al had a boat. I was there when Bills’ and Als’ boat sank, those actresses’ costume’s look beautiful on them, both of my brother’s in law live near Durango.

    Mnemonic note:
    I’ve got a hat, but you don’t have a cat. Because I can rap and you can’t tap.


  4. Mr Jones´s bike doesn´t have any brakes. But it´s a down hill bike so he doesn´t need them.
    // Mattias, Gustav 😀


  5. Once upon a time, we haven’t had any looooove, wo. You didn’t hit me with any of the guns. Iiiii don’t feel like putting you in my cleaner, cause its my, precious one. Never gonna sayyyy it’s, when its aaa, person’s own thing.

    ”Never gona give you up” by Rick Ashley. PS: you need the beat from this song to understand the text 🙂


  6. I have a cat that own´s a hat, I have a dog that play dead like a boss, I have a monkey that plays with his donkey, I have a mouse that has a own house.



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